[Dawn 22 April, 2018]

BADIN: Farmers, members of civil society and general public took part in a 15-kilometre march on foot from Noutkani bus stop to Tando Bago town on Sunday to register their protest against the water crisis which has afflicted most parts of the district for the past nine months. When the marchers entered Tando Bago they were joined by popular Sindhi singer Deeba Sahar and traders who walked with them to local press club where they staged a demonstration for five hours. The singer also sang songs to honour and eulogise the relentless struggle of the farmers.

They said that it was height of callousness on the part of Sindh government and its departments concerned that at a time when over one million population and their livestock were not getting water even for drinking, their share of water was being released into flood canals near Matli town.

They alleged that the officials concerned had erected blockages in Phuleli Canal and Akram Wah to divert water flows to the lands of influential persons of Badin, Tando Allahayar and other districts.