[Dawn 21 April, 2019]

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has been asked to set aside its registrar office decision of returning a plea for live-streaming or broadcast of the hearings of cases of public importance, particularly those under Article 184(3) of the Constitution. The fresh appeal has been moved by senior Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) member Raheel Kamran Sheikh, who sought a declaration from the apex court that any blanket ban or prohibition on the live-streaming of proceedings in the apex court as arbitrary and discriminatory, besides being violative of the fundamental rights of citizens including the right of access to justice, the right to information and the right to fair trial.

On March 15, the registrar office of the apex court had returned a petition citing reasons that the petitioner had directly approached the apex court instead of moving it first before any other appropriate forum available to him under the law for the same relief. Moreover, the petition has also failed to provide any justification for directly filing the petition in the SC. In the fresh application, the petitioner contended that the registrar office decision was misconceived, unsustainable and not only erroneous in law but also against the fundamental principles of justice, equity and good conscience and amounts to usurpation of the original jurisdiction of the apex court.