[Dawn 15 April, 2019]

ISLAMABAD: A delightful new collection of landscapes by Rukhe Neelofer Zaidi opened Sunday evening at the Nomad Art Gallery. The gallery’s director, Nageen Hyat, said the paintings were refreshing to view because of Ms Zaidi’s use of strong and vibrant colours, which still remain subtle because of her skilful application.

“Rukhe Neelofer is on a mission to change the everyday perception of art in Pakistan by engaging citizens and laypersons, and involving them in the aesthetic endeavours that once formed an essential part of the heritage of this land,” Ms Hyat said.

The subjects of the pieces in the show were trees and plants, people sitting on benches outdoors and scenic landscapes.

The artist has wide-ranging teaching experience and has exhibited in Pakistan and abroad. From 2007 onwards, she has worked in a number of countries including India, Italy, Turkey, the United States and Japan, in various artists’ residences.