[Dawn 28 April, 2019]

MURREE: Murree and its adjoining areas are a great attraction for tourists from all over the country and even abroad. Patriata chairlift is one of the major attractions for tourists in the hilly area. The lift is installed about 15 kilometres from the Murree town, starting from Ghulehrra Gali to Patriata top at an altitude of about 7,500 feet from the sea level.

Patriata is visited by tourists all the year around but their influx increases during the summer season. The lift and cable car is 3.25 kilometres long, the largest and most sophisticated in the country. About one million tourists visit the facility at Patriata every year, according to an official.

During the summer, the lift runs to its full capacity while during the off season a 10 per cent discount is offered to students and other groups. The lift and cable car facility was installed in 1990 by the then Punjab government of Nawaz Sharif with the technical support from an Austrian company. According to Mr Fazal, the Austrian company is still carrying out maintenance and upgradation of various parts of the lift to keep it safe for the tourists.